Tutti Frutti

TV mini-series, Emma appearing in all 6 episodes
Emma’s role: Suzy Kettles
Directed by: Tony Smith
Screenplay by: John Byrne
Genre: Drama
Release date: UK – 3 March 1987

Other cast:
Robbie Coltrane – Big Jazza
Maurice RoĆ«ves – Vincent Diver
Richard Wilson – Eddie Clockerty
Stuart McGugan – Bomba MacAteer
Jake D’Arcy – Fud O’Donnell
Ron Donachie – Dennis Sproul
Katy Murphy – Janice Toner

Legendary Scots rock ‘n’ roll outfit The Majestics find themselves in trouble on the eve of their 25th anniversary tour when their singer, Big Jazza, is killed in a car crash. But with the appearance of his younger brother, Danny, their problems appear to be over. If only it was that easy…