The Young Ones

TV series, Emma appearing in 1 episode
Episode: Bambi Season 5, Episode 8
Emma’s role: Miss Money-Sterling
Screenplay by: Ben Elton, Rik Mayall and Lise Mayer
Genre: Comedy
First aired: UK – 8 May 1984

Other cast:
Adrian Edmondson – Vyvyan
Rik Mayall – Rick
Nigel Planer – Neil
Christopher Ryan – Mike
Alexei Sayle – Train Driver
Moțrhead РThemselves
Robbie Coltrane – Dr. Carlisle
Ben Elton – Kendal Mintcake
Stephen Fry – Lord Snot
Tamsin Heatley – Janet
Hugh Laurie – Lord Monty

The boys have been picked to appear on University Challenge, will they make it there in time after Neil forgets to tell them, then Rick gets them thrown off the train? They do finally (two weeks late mind, lucky Mike knows the host), but the posh gits they’re up against, whilst no more intelligent, have a reputation to upkeep! After being told that the BBC always lets the posh kids win, they decide to do the only thing that can save them – cheat!

The Footlights College Oxbridge team on the University Challenge is comprised of guest stars Emma Thompson, Hugh Laurie, and Stephen Fry, all virtually unknown actors at the time.