The Bear and the Bow

Emma’s role: Queen Elinor (voice)
Directed by: Brenda Chapman
Screenplay by: Brenda Chapman
Genre: Animation
Release date: Christmas 2011

Other cast:
Reese Witherspoon – Princess Merida
Billy Connolly – King Fergus
Julie Walters – the witch

An impetuous princess discovers that her reckless choice has put both her family and her father’s kingdom in peril. Merida may be the daughter of royalty in Scotland, but all she wants out of life is to become a truly great archer. When Merida and her mother clash over the willful girl’s future, the decisions she makes have greater repercussions that she ever imagined. Now, in order to save her mother’s life and bring peace back to the Highlands, Merida will have to face off against the forces of nature and contend with an ancient curse.