Stranger Than Fiction

Emma’s role: Karen Eiffel
Directed by: Marc Forster
Screenplay by: Zach Helm
Genre: Comedy
Release date: US – 10 November 2006, UK – 1 December 2006

Other cast:
Will Ferrell – Harold Crick
Maggie Gyllenhaal – Ana Pascal
Dustin Hoffman – Professor Jules Hilbert
Queen Latifah – Penny Escher

For twelve years, the methodical IRS agent Harold Crick has had a routine lonely life guided by his wristwatch. However, one day he hears the narration of his life in off, telling that he is going to die pretty soon. Meanwhile, he audits Ana Pascal, the owner of a bakery that is in debt with the IRS, and falls in love for her. Harold is advised by Professor Jules Hilbert to change his monotonous lifestyle while he tries to find Karen Eiffel, the author of the story of his life, who is researching means of killing the character, and convince her to change the ending of the story.

Emma Thompson wore no makeup.
While filming, Will Ferrell had an earpiece that fed him Emma Thompson’s narrative line in order to assist the other actors react more naturally to Ferrell’s seemingly non-sequitur lines.