Primary Colors

Emma’s role: Susan Stanton
Directed by: Mike Nichols
Screenplay by: Elaine May
Original novel by: Joe Klein
Genre: Comedy
Release date: US – 20 March 1998, UK – 30 October 1998

Other cast:
John Travolta – Governor Jack Stanton
Billy Bob Thornton – Richard Jemmons
Kathy Bates – Libby Holden
Maura Tierney – Daisy Green
Allison Janney – Miss Walsh

The fictional story of a presidential run by Jack Stanton, a womanizing, idealistic Southern governor who battles other Democratic candidates in a primary run in 1992. As seen through the eyes of his African-American campaign manager, the Stanton campaign is filled with enthusiastic young Democrats all of whom have dreams that their man is going to win. The story behind the scenes, however, is a little more bawdy and involves Jack Stanton’s politically astute wife; an attempt to blackmail the candidate with doctored audiotapes detailing a past sexual encounter; an alleged bastard child of Stanton’s from a black teenager; a possibly illegal real estate deal known as Tidewater Estates; the uncovering of a candidate’s past as a cocaine-addicted homosexual by Stanton’s campaign; and the suicide of one of Stanton’s longtime friends.