Nanny McPhee

Emma’s role: Nanny McPhee
Directed by: Kirk Jones
Screenplay by: Emma Thompson
Original novel by: Christianna Brand
Genre: Children’s fantasy
Release date: UK – 21 October 2005, US – 27 January 2006

Other cast:
Colin Firth – Mr. Brown
Kelly Macdonald – Evangeline
Thomas Sangster – Simon Brown
Angela Lansbury – Aunt Adelaide
Imelda Staunton – Mrs. Blatherwick

Cedric Brown is a sad and nostalgic widower, owner of an undertaker’s business, who doesn’t know how to manage the unsustainable situation with his undisciplined children. Every nanny, 17 to be exact, have run away from them. Simon, the oldest brother, is the head behind the pranks and he doesn’t have a very good relationship with his father. But the solution will be Nanny McPhee, a magic nanny who literally falls from heaven to discipline the children and teach them some lessons.

Originally entitled “Nurse Mathilda”, Emma Thompson, who also wrote the script changed it to the current title fearing that people would associate the original title as her “Nurse Project”. The name McPhee was suggested by her mother, Phyllida Law.
The voice of Mrs Partridge, proprietor of the agency to which Mr Brown repairs for a new nanny (“There’s no more nannies! You’ve ‘ad the lot!”), is provided by actress Phyllida Law, Emma Thompson’s mother.
Emma Thompson said that it took her nine years to write this screenplay, while it took her only five years to write Sense and Sensibility, for which she won an Oscar.
The pie that was thrown into Angela Lansbury’s face near the end was actually thrown by Emma Thompson.