Last Chance Harvey

Emma’s role: Kate Walker
Directed by: Joel Hopkins
Screenplay by: Joel Hopkins
Genre: Romantic drama
Release date: US – 16 January 2009, UK – 5 June 2009

Other cast:
Dustin Hoffman – Harvey Shine
Eileen Atkins – Maggie Walker
Liane Balaban – Susan Shine
Kathy Baker – Jean
James Brolin – Brian

A disastrous trip to London proves to have a silver lining for a middle-aged American jingle writer in this romantic slice-of-life drama. Harvey is about to lose his unfulfilling dead-end job writing jingles when he boards a plane to attend his daughter’s wedding in London. He hasn’t turned out a memorable tune in some time, and should Harvey fail to come up with something catchy during his trip overseas, he knows that his boss is ready and willing to let him go. And things are about to get worse, too. Harvey realizes that he won’t be able to suppress his sadness through the whole reception, and makes a quick getaway in hopes of catching a plane back home. At the airport bar, Harvey is drowning his sorrows when he strikes up a conversation with no-nonsense Office of National Statistics employee Kate. Kate doesn’t have much of a social life; most of her time outside of work is spent suffocating under the love of her smothering mother. She’s just gotten through a humiliating string of blind dates, and something about Harvey’s situation and demeanor strikes a sympathetic chord in the lonely civil servant. Likewise, Kate’s intelligence and compassion prove unexpectedly invigorating to Harvey. Both Harvey and Kate had always assumed that love had passed them by – could this middle-aged romance be the glimmer of a new beginning?

Emma’s daughter Gaia has a cameo appearance as the girl during the wedding reminding them that they’re sitting at the children’s table.
Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman worked so well together in Stranger Than Fiction, they wanted to do another project together and got involved in Last Chance Harvey.