Emma’s role: unknown
Directed by: Moira Armstrong
Screenplay by: David Hare
Original play by: David Hare
Genre: Drama
Release date: 1989

Other cast:
Tim Roth – Curly Delafield

Curley Delafield comes to a bar looking for his sister, Sarah. Has she been murdered, did she kill herself, or has she simply disappeared? Curley is an aggressive, badgering young man, determined to get to the heart of the matter. He questions Jenny, the hard, bright barmaid and friend of his sister. The scene shifts to Curley’s father’s house. Father Patrick seems more interested in amorous playing about with his housekeeper than helping his son find Sarah. Curley then questions, Max, Sarah’s fiance. But this only results in Max pulling a knife on Jenny, the barmaid. Curley is left with his search unsuccessful and his questions unanswered.