Judas Kiss

Emma’s role: Sadie Hawkins
Directed by: Sebastian Gutierrez
Screenplay by: Sebastian Gutierrez
Original novel by: Deanna Fuller
Genre: Thriller
Release date: US – 23 April 1999

Other cast:
Carla Gugino – Coco Chavez
Simon Baker-Denny – Junior Armstrong
Alan Rickman – Detective David Friedman
Gil Bellows – Lizard Browning
Til Schweiger – Ruben Rubenbauer

A woman and her lover, who has made a living by running sex scams at hotels, decide to enter the big time by kidnapping a computer company owner and demanding $4 million ransom. The two hire a tech wizard and a muscle man, who amuses himself by playing Russian roulette. Things go awry during the kidnapping when a neighbor is killed, who turns out to be the wife of a powerful senator. As things develop, it turns out that the murder may not have been as accidental as it originally appeared. Slowly things unveil to not to be everything that was originally thought.