Imagining Argentina

Emma’s role: Cecilia Rueda
Directed by: Christopher Hampton
Screenplay by: Christopher Hampton
Original novel by: Lawrence Thornton
Genre: Drama
Release date: UK – 30 April 2004, US – 11 October 2005 (DVD)

Other cast:
Antonio Banderas – Carlos Rueda
Horacio Flash – Victor Madrid
Leticia Dolera – Teresa
Kuno Becker – Gustavo Santos
Rubén Blades – Silvio Ayala

Carlos Rueda is the director of a children’s theater in Buenos Aires, a city haunted by the disappearance of thousands who have spoken up against the dictator in power. When his wife, Cecilia, disappears after writing a controversial article, Carlos discovers he has the power to look into the faces of those seeking the missing and see the fate of the people they love. But no matter how desperately he searches for his own wife, he always finds himself one step behind. Pushed to the limits of survival, it’s up to Cecilia to find her way to Carlos in a journey filled with danger, horror and suspense.

When it became clear that two additional scenes would help the script, a) the quarrel about whether Cecilia should publish her article and b) the flashback scene why the Cecilia and Carlos got married, there was a little competition going on between ‘Christopher Hampton’ and ‘Emma Thompson’, who both wrote their versions of those scenes. Emma Thompson’s version of the flashback scene finally was agreed on.