Fortunes of War

TV mini-series, Emma appearing in all 7 episodes
Emma’s role: Harriet Pringle
Directed by: James Cellan Jones
Screenplay by: Alan Plater
Original novel by: Olivia Manning
Genre: Drama
Release date: UK – 11 October 1987

Other cast:
Kenneth Branagh – Guy Pringle
Charles Kay – Dobson
Mark Drewry – Dubedat
Ronald Pickup – Prince Yakimov
Alan Bennett – Lord Pinkrose
Harry Burton – Sasha Drucker

Guy Pringle and his new wife, Harriet, are members of the English community in Bucharest, Rumania on the eve of World War II. A lecturer and passionate Communist, Guy is attached to a British Council educational establishment in Bucharest (Romania) when war breaks out, and the couple are forced to leave the country, passing through Athens and Palestine and ending up in Cairo, Egypt. Harriet is persuaded to return home by ship, but changes her mind at the last minute and goes to Damascus with friends. Guy, hearing that the ship has been torpedoed, believes her to be dead, but they are reunited in the end.

The series where Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branagh first met. They married two years later.
Emma Thompson had to wear several wigs throughout filming because her hair just wasn’t right for the role of Harriet Pringle. Director James Cellan Jones described her hairstyle at the time as “monstrous.”