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DATTA, Chinmay K., Ph.D.; Saad Mossallati, M.D.; David R.

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Susan Lucas Says:

Dear Emma,
I must start be saying I have NEVER visited a fan website and quite frankly never thought I would – However, yesterday a watched Beautiful Creatures and was blown away by your performance. I have always enjoyed your performances in the past, but I thought you completely stole the film.
Kind regards,
Susan Lucas
(Age 53 – Bedfordshire – in case your interested !! )

J. Schleimer M.D. Says:

Dear Madame,
yesterday we watched “Much ado about Nothing” on ARTE TV and my wife Lydia (not having visited a movie for 20 years) turned into one of your most faithful fans.
You were the greatest actress among the cream of British actors in a wonderful movie.
Thank you

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