Emma Thompson and mother Phyllida Law receive honorary degrees in Glasgow

Emma Thompson has said receiving an honorary degree alongside her mother Phyllida Law is their “best starring role together”.

The acting duo were awarded honorary doctorates in drama from Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS) in Glasgow.

The pair have starred in films together, including The Winter Guest.

Nanny McPhee star Thompson won an Oscar for her lead role in the 1992 movie Howards End.

Thompson said: “It was so much fun. It’s our best starring role together, definitely.

“We’ve not received anything like this before and we both feel slightly fraudulent because when I told my son he asked ‘how many essays did you have to write to get that?’

“We’ve both had so much work as actors and are still working so to get a degree for it is great, I suppose in a sense it’s a reward for hanging in there.

“So many actors fall by the wayside so maybe this is recognition because we’re still going.”

Law joked: “It’s certainly not for our looks, it’s a dreadful mistake to be born exquisitely beautiful because it wears off by 28.

“Thankfully we didn’t need to worry about that.”

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