Brideshead Revisited

Emma’s role: Lady Marchmain
Directed by: Julian Jarrold
Screenplay by: Andrew Davies and Jeremy Brock
Original novel by: Evelyn Waugh
Genre: Drama
Release date: US – 25 July 2008, UK – 3 October 2008

Other cast:
Matthew Goode – Charles Ryder
Ben Whishaw – Sebastian Flyte
Hayley Atwell – Julia Flyte
Michael Gambon – Lord Marchmain
Greta Scacchi – Cara

The unworldly Oxford undergraduate Charles Ryder is befriended by the flamboyant and aristocratic Sebastian Flyte, son of Lord and Lady Marchmain, and is thrilled by an invitation to Brideshead, the Marchmain’s magnificent ancestral home. Beguiled by his surroundings, Charles is entranced by the opulent house and the glamourous world of this eccentric family. While Lord Marchmain lives in Venice with his mistress, Lady Marchmain runs the house, the failure of her marriage redoubling the fierce Catholic faith imposed on her children – Sebastian and the beautiful Julia. As Charles’s infatuation moves from the provocative Sebastian to the sophisticated Julia, it is a faith with which he finds himself increasingly at odds.

Filmed in summer 2007, one of the rainiest summers on record in England. The crew suffered rainfall at nearly every location, and even had to contend with rain while on location in Venice.