Kate Winslet says no plastic surgery; Rachel Weisz, Emma Thompson echo sentiments

Three Hollywood actresses have stated they are not down with plastic surgery – Kate Winslet, Rachel Weisz and Emma Thompson. Good for them, we say!

Kate, a six-time Oscar nominee and one-time winner, tells U.K. newspaper The Guardian, “It goes against my morals, the way that my parents brought me up and what I consider to be natural beauty. I will never give in. I am an actress, I don’t want to freeze the expression of my face.” Winslet is a

Winslet’s “Sense and Sensibility” co-star and Oscar winner Emma Thompson echoes her sentiments. “We’re in this awful youth-driven thing now where everybody needs to look 30 at 60.”

“People who look too perfect don’t look sexy or particularly beautiful,” says Rachel Weisz, an Oscar winner for the 2005 film “The Constant Gardener.”

We strongly support you, ladies! You are so beautiful just as you are

Dakota Fanning And Emma Thompson Team For 1850s Victorian Drama ‘Effie’

EXCLUSIVE: Dakota Fanning will star in the title role of Effie, the Emma Thompson-scripted period biopic about the unfortunate marriage between Euphemia Gray and the famed critic John Ruskin in 1850s London. Richard Laxton (An Englishman in New York) is directing. Though the teenager was gorgeous, Effie’s husband never consummated the marriage over five years because Ruskin was for some reason disgusted by her body. After suffering through a loveless marriage and browbeating by her in-laws, Effie fell in love with Ruskin’s protégé, painter John Everett Millais.

Greg Wise will play Ruskin, and Tom Sturridge will play Millais. Thompson plays Lady Eastlake, who takes Effie under her wing when it was clear the union was destroying the young woman. Julie Walters and Derek Jacobi play Ruskin’s parents, and Edward Fox is in talks to play Lady Eastlake’s husband, Sir Charles Eastlake. He was the main patron of the Royal Academy, which held sway over what constituted fine art. He was already fed up with Ruskin and his radical ideas before that love triangle rocked the art community. Production will begin Oct. 17 in Scotland, London and Venice. The film’s being produced by Don Rosenfeld with Andreas Roald. They raised the $10 million budget through private equity.

The foreplay on this movie lasted as long the marriage between Effie and Ruskin, but at least here, Effie has the satisfaction of a start date. Along the way, Carey Mulligan and Saoirse Ronan had previously been reported as circling the Effie role, but the movie’s momentum was interrupted when Gregory Murphy took the producers to court claiming copyright infringement regarding his play The Countess, which also probed the Ruskin marriage. All this works out well for Fanning, who is now 17.

“It’s Emma Thompson’s first original script after doing several fine adaptations, and it gets to the heart of Victorian England,” said Rosenfeld, the former head of Merchant Ivory Productions. Rosenfeld and Roald are also producers of the Terrence Malick-directed The Voyage of Time, for which Thompson has signed on to be one of the narrators. “The script for Effie was always brilliant, but sometimes these things take time.” Rosenfeld said. The timing allowed them to raise the funding without having to pre-sell foreign or domestic territories. That won’t come until the film’s premiere, which the filmmakers hope will come at the 2012 Venice Film Festival.

Fanning, who just wrapped the final two installments of Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, is repped by One Talent Management and The Osbrink Agency.


“Brideshead Revisited” Caps added

Working through the filmography for Emma, I’ve added caps of Emma in her 2008 role in “Brideshead Revisited”.

Everything Emma Thompson Gallery > Movies > Brideshead Revisited > Screencaps

Brave Trailer

Will Smith Wants Emma Thompson to Adapt Annie For His Daughter

Leapin’ lizards! It’s been almost thirty years since John Huston’s adaptation of the Broadway smash Annie hit movie theaters, but now insiders tell Vulture exclusively that Will Smith and Jay-Z are in negotiations with Oscar-winning screenwriter and actress Emma Thompson to re-adapt the screenplay for an updated version of the musical that would star Smith’s youngest progeny, Willow.

If the deal with Thompson goes through, the project will be the first fruit of the partnership between Smith and Jay-Z that Columbia Pictures announced back in January, but it won’t be the first time that these principals have worked together: Thompson is currently co-starring with Smith as Agent O in Men in Black III, while Jay-Z, Smith and his spouse Jada Pinkett-Smith all served co-producers of the Broadway musical Fela!, nominated for 11 Tony Awards last year.

No word on whether Thompso (who recently scripted and starred in Universal Pictures’ Nanny McPhee franchise) will also write herself into a role as the orphanage director who loves booze almost as much as she hates children, but here’s hoping.


Emma Thompson’s Helen Bamber Foundation Releases Charity Single

The Helen Bamber Foundation releases the charity single ‘The Sky Is Always Mine’. Written and produced by world record breaker and tireless campaigner Phil Knight, and sung by the multi-faceted talent Desi Valentine, the aim of the single is to raise money for the unquantifiable number of women and children who are subjects of human and sex trafficking every year.

‘We all want our children to live in a better world, it’s really important. I think what you’re doing is brilliant.’ Lorraine Kelly speaking to Phil Knight on GMTV.
‘Sex trafficking is a hugely important subject, and I believe we need as much art as we can get to help people understand what’s going on. It’s all the little efforts that produce a shift in consciousness. What’s more, to do nothing is unthinkable.’ Emma Thompson, Chair of The Helen Bamber Foundation

‘Phil’s story is an excellent example of how survivors and supporters can work together to raise awareness and support the anti-trafficking and human rights cause.’ Helen Bamber Foundation.

Breaking down traditional barriers to raise awareness for The Helen Bamber Foundation is not uncommon ground for Phil Knight. Since breaking a world record two years ago in Leicester Sq by drumming for four and a half consecutive days and raising over £4000 for the charity, Phil then went on to write and co-produce an uplifting compilation charity CD called Just Enough For The Real World. Due to popular demand following the album launch at Islington’s Pleasance Theatre in September 2010, the theatre invited the team of singers and musicians back to perform live on 5th, 6th and 7th May 2011. The release of the leading track from the album, The Sky Is Always Mine, is naturally the next step forward for the campaign.

‘If this CD and all the hard work behind it can help save just one life, it will all have been worth it,’ Phil Knight.

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Happy Birthday to Emma

a little late bit a BIG Happy Birthday to Emma!

“An Education” Screencaptures

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Emma’s reflections on Liberia

The Guardian has a new piece up from Emma and her son Tindy Agaba on Liberia that is a must read.

Emma The first thing I learn is the Liberian handshake. A series of squeezes ends with a click of your fingers. Liberia’s founders were the children of people who’d had the tops of their third fingers chopped off to identify them as slaves. The finger-click is a firm but playful indication that their offspring were anything but.

Atop the highest point in Monrovia sits the dusty ruins of the Ducor Palace Hotel. Abandoned by its owners in 1990, this huge Intercontinental was used by the warlord Charles Taylor as a barracks. We walk into the empty swimming pool. Children used to slide down it on plastic trays but the place is razor-wired off now.

Emma in battles over her new film

EXCLUSIVE: Academy Award-winning actress/screenwriter Emma Thompson is locked in a row over who authored her latest film project Effie. Whether the film gets made or not could depend on the outcome.
The film’s producers have gone to a New York federal court to get a declaration that Thompson’s script doesn’t infringe the copyright of playwright Gregory Murphy’s play called The Countess. Both works are reportedly about a love triangle involving celebrated art critic John Ruskin, his teenage wife Effie Gray, and pre-Raphaelite painter John Everett Millais, a sexual scandal that rocked 19th Century England.
Murphy came out with his play first. The Countess got good reviews in 1999, played 634 performances in New York, and was revived on a London stage in 2005.
But according to a lawsuit that was filed by the film’s producers, Thompson never had access to Murphy’s play, which was purportedly turned into a screenplay, and denies copying it.
Murphy’s lawyers are said to be hounding the new film production anyway, which appears to be interfering with the making of the film. According to the complaint, “In order to close financing to produce a motion picture based on Effie, [the plaintiff] must be able to demonstrate that there is no validity to Mr. Murphy’s claim of infringement.”
The film is currently slated to star Orlando Bloom, Saoirse Ronan, and Thompson herself.